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In conjunction with the pending month of Ramadhan 1434 Hijri, the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia invites the public to enhance their knowledge on fasting by reading and listening to issues related to Ramadhan.

IKIM offers three sources of knowledge which are:

i)                   “Madrasah Ramadhan : Pengajaran dari Pelbagai Dimensi” book;

 ii)                 IKIM web site www.ikim.gov.my : Special Ramadhan articles;

 iii)               IKIMfm : Special Ramadhan programmes

Y.Bhg. Datuk Nik Mustapha bin Hj Nik Hassan, Director-General of IKIM remarked during the launch of the latest IKIM title with twenty-eight articles (28) that, “Fasting is the third tenet of Islam. Thus, the form of worship is important to Muslims throughout the world. By understanding the philosophy of fasting, its contents and correct practices according to Islam are demanded by Allah sw.t.  Hence, articles by IKIM academic personnel from the Centre of Economic and Social Studies, the Centre for the Study of Shariah, Law and Politics as well as the Centre of Science and Environment Studies have analysed the teachings and lessons of fasting from various dimensions such as economic, health and moral.”

 Apart from the publication of “Madrasah Ramadhan: Pengajaran dari Pelbagai Dimensi”, IKIM has uploaded thirty-nine special Ramadhan articles on the IKIM website at www.ikim.gov.my. The articles have been published by three mainstream newspapers which are The Star (IKIM Views), Berita Harian (Perspektif IKIM) and Utusan Malaysia (Pandangan IKIM). Among the articles that can be accessed by the public are “Membina Momentum Menjelang Ramadhan”, “Ramadhan and Good Conduct”, “Menggapai Taqwa di Persinggahan Ramadhan”, “Renungan kembali kepada Falsafah Zakat” and “Ramadhan Bulan Meningkatkan Produktiviti”.

 In addition, the programme, “Baca dan dengar Ramadhan di IKIM” is further enhanced with the production of the seventeen-(17) part Special Ramadhan Programme on IKIMfm titled “Tarbiah Ramadhan”. The production of such a programme is to fill the month of Ramadhan with programmes that bring benefit and information. Amongst them is “Kapsul Fadhilat Ramadhan” which will analyse the wisdom of fasting based on the Quran and Hadith. The capsules will be produced in three languages which are Bahasa Malaysia, Arabic and English. Other programmes are “Jejak Prihatin”, “Islam itu Indah”, “Islam Agamaku” and Tazkirah Ramadhan”.

On this day too,  Y.Bhg. Datuk Nik Mustapha bin Hj Nik Hassan, Director-General of IKIM will be presenting the Excellence Service Award to nine (9) IKIM staff members. “The commitment of IKIM staff is highly appreciated and the effort towards enhancing Islamic understanding is a continuous one which will be undertaken by IKIM”, thus, collective cooperation by IKIM staff members is highly important. IKIM will continue to lead the community in its thinking towards “Understand Islam Build Civilisation” according to Datuk Nik Mustapha, Director-General of IKIM.


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