Chairman’s Message

First and foremost, I wish to offer my gratitude to Allah SWT for by His leave, the website of the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM) is finally realised. I am pleased to welcome you to browse through the official IKIM Website and hope that you may be pleased with the services offered.

The Official IKIM Website is a landmark to effectively disseminate the accurate “Understanding of Islam” through various efforts and activities such as research, seminars, workshops, forums, consultancy, training and publishing.

The rapid current developments in ICT in this borderless world have witnessed significant changes in the ‘communication technology’ that allows the world communities to access information quickly, accurately and easily.

With this site, IKIM embraces the immediate and unlimited era of information. The site also provides an opportunity for users to access the latest information, as well as to get to know IKIM better.

Finally, I wish to express my appreciation to all IKIM staff who are involved directly or indirectly in the setting up of this site.

Insha-Allah, this site will continue to be enhanced and improved from time to time.