Centre for Economics & Social Studies (EMAS)

The Centre for Economics and Social Studies or simply EMAS is one of the three academic Centres at the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM). Before it was known as EMAS that currently focuses on economics and social studies, it used to be an academic Centre that focused on research in the field of science and technology. However, in 2004, IKIM restructured the Centre by withdrawing the science and technology component from it so as to form a new and separate Centre. Thus, on 1 February 2004, the Centre came to be known as the Centre for Economics and Social Research. Yet, in a rebranding exercise by IKIM in 2010, the Centre became known by its present name, that is, the Centre for Economics and Social Studies.

As the name implies, research activities by EMAS members focus on areas related to Islamic economics, management, psychology, education and philosophy.


Findings of research and studies conducted by EMAS academicians are published as press and journal articles, conference proceedings, books and monographs. Articles by EMAS members are published in Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia and The Star. The articles can be accessed from the IKIM website at the link: http://www.ikim.gov.my/

Most of the EMAS books are published by IKIM. Among the published works by EMAS academicians that are available are: Asas Memacu Ekonomi Ummah: Satu Pandangan; Model Baru Ekonomi: Satu Tinjauan Dari Perspektif Islam and Ibn Al-‘Arabi’s Conception of Religion. For a complete list of IKIM publications, please click http://www.ikim.gov.my and http://www.ikimniaga.my to purchase online.

Staff’s List Fields of Specialisation
Dr. Muhammad Hisyam Mohamad
Senior Fellow / Director
Email : [email protected]
Islamic Economics
Halal Management Standard
Islamic Financial Planning
Hajah Siti Fatimah binti Abdul Rahman
Senior Fellow
Email : [email protected]
Mrs. Suzana binti Md Samsudi

Email : [email protected]
Islamic Marketing and Branding
Sustainable Consumption
Islamic Fund and Wealth Management
Dr. Muhammad Syafiq bin Borhanuddin

Email : [email protected]
Development Philosophy
Contemporary Islamic Thought
Civilisational Dialogue
Mrs. Nur Syahidah Binti Abdul Jalil

Email : [email protected]
Ekonomi Islam
Ekonomi Buruh
Administrative Officer
Mrs. Hafizah bt. Mohamed
Office Secretary

E-mail : [email protected]
Mrs. Nurul Ashiqin binti Ab. Karim
Administrative Assistant

E-mail: [email protected]