Privacy Policy

Data Protection
Recent technologies including data encryption are used to protect data submitted and compliance with strict security standards applied to prevent unauthorized access.

Storage Security
All electronic storage and transmission of personal data will be protected and stored using appropriate security technologies.

Information Collected
No personal information will be collected when you browse the IKIM official website except the information submitted by you via email or registration in the members’ section which is a protected area in this official website.

We welcome your feedback / inquiries. If the detailed information required is not found in this official website, your requirement will be forwarded to the relevant agency.

Cookies generated by a web server will only be used to collect information to identify your upcoming browse.
IKIM official website uses non-persistent cookies or per-session cookies for technical purposes only for example language conversion on this official website. These cookies will not permanently record data and it will not be stored on your computer’s hard disk. It will be deleted once you leave the official website.

What Will Happen if I Link To Another Website?
The IKIM official website has links to government and non-government agencies’ website. This privacy policy only applies to this official website. It should be noted that the websites contained in this official website link may have different privacy policies and visitors are advised to review and understand the privacy policy of each website browsed.

Change of Policies
If this privacy policy is changed, the changes will be updated on this page. By frequently browsing this page, you will be updated with the information collected, how it is used and in certain circumstances how the information is shared with other parties.

Question or Complaint
If you have any questions or complaints about this Privacy Policy or Portal, you may contact us through the feedback section provided in this official website.