Information and Communication Technology Unit

Quality Objective

“To create effective ICT services through continuous innovation and excellent services”.

Staff Members

Mr. Anas Anal bin Mohd Zainal
Chief Information Technology Officer / Head
Emel: [email protected]
Ms. Aqilah Hafizah binti Osman
Assistant Information Technology Officer
Emel: [email protected]
Mr. Wan Muhamad Afiq bin Wan Azedan
Assistant Information Technology Officer
Emel: [email protected]
Mr. Mohd Zabidi bin Md Nayan
High Technician
Emel: [email protected]
Mr. Sayed Mohd Yusof bin Sayed Razaman
Emel: [email protected]
Mrs. Nor Azita binti Abdul Karim
Senior Administrative Assistant
Emel: [email protected]

Telefon : 03-6204 6200 (G) 03-6204 6342 (DL)