Functions, Vision, Mission & Shared Values


In an effort to spread the understanding of Islam globally, IKIM provides an open and free space for everyone to share their opinion to discuss related issues. In summary, the functions of IKIM are as follows: –

  1. To carry out research involving integrated and holistic study of the role of Islam and Muslims in facing current challenges arising from changing world situations.
  2. To publish materials such as books, magazines and journals for general reading and target groups.
  3. To organise conferences, seminars and forums, discussions in diversifying ideas to find solutions to specific matters.
  4. To work with local and foreign organisations in carrying out programmes for mutual benefits.

IKIM also conducts research that cover the following areas:-

  1. Strategic issues
  2. Globalisation-related issues
  3. Implementation of Islamic economic system
  4. Implementation Islamic legal system
  5. Inter-religious relations
  6. Science and technology-based development
  7. Bioethics
  8. Environmental issues
  9. Human rights issues
  10. Socio-economic and political issues


To Become A Premier Institute Of International Repute In Islamic Understanding


1. To carry out research of significant benefits in selected disciplines using a variety of expertise, resources and network to produce academic cooperation through systematic work plans;

2. To maintain, improve and disseminate the correct understanding of Islam to the community through the organising of programmes, broadcasting and publications of various academic works by leveraging the expertise, effective resource management and strategic network cooperation; and

3. To provide quality and effective advice services and consultancies to stakeholders by combining the expertise, system, networking and resources optimally.

Shared Values

To achieve the level of performance excellence, the IKIM work force always appreciate and practise the following shared values:


  • Knowledge is meaningful understanding or something that gives meaning to an individual when sourced from the correct information.


  • Wisdom means wisdom and intelligence. It is the real purpose of foresight behind some matters.


  • A personality that appreciates mahmudah traits and eschews those of madhmumah, an ordered sense and discretion, and behaves properly.


  • Trustworthiness is being responsible for the task given or the trust received by a person to fulfil an obligation, without ignoring it.


  • Just is understood as fulfilling the rights of all people according to their obligations. Just is an impartial attitude without bias based on true knowledge and without favouritism.


  • Taqwa is the nature of the fear of Allah S.W.T and cautious in actions for the belief in Allah’s surveillance in every action taken.


  • It is a person’s earnest effort to maintain integrity and abstain from hypocrisy and lies even at a crucial moment when lies may free them from something (danger). The lowest level of truthfulness is sincerity and behaving well either in public or when being alone. This is followed by always being true in thoughts, feelings, actions and intentions. A truthful person is a brave person whose feelings, thoughts and actions are not in conflict with each other. While the most truthful ones are those who are always true in all their imagination, intentions, feelings, thoughts, actions and gestures.