Functions, Vision, Mission & Value


In an effort to spread the understanding of Islam globally, IKIM provides an open and free space for everyone to share their opinion to discuss related issues. In summary, the functions of IKIM are as follows: –

  1. To carry out research involving integrated and holistic study of the role of Islam and Muslims in facing current challenges arising from changing world situations.
  2. To publish materials such as books, magazines and journals for general reading and target groups.
  3. To organise conferences, seminars and forums, discussions in diversifying ideas to find solutions to specific matters.
  4. To work with local and foreign organisations in carrying out programmes for mutual benefits. IKIM also conducts research that cover the following areas: –
  5. Strategic issues
  6. Globalisation-related issues
  7. Implementation of Islamic economic system
  8. Implementation Islamic legal system
  9. Inter-religious relations
  10. Science and technology-based development
  11. Bioethics
  12. Environmental issues
  13. Human rights issues

Socio-economic and political issues


To become an institution of excellence in the design and implementation of work plans in order to enhance the understanding of Islam.


To strive to increase the understanding of Islam among Muslims and non-Muslims by highlighting universal values and the inclusion of all true Islamic teachings as well as those relating to people’s lives.