Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Q: What is the mission and vision of IKIM’s establishment?
A: IKIM was established with the following vision and mission:

Vision – To Become the Leading Institution for Islamic Understanding of International Standard

Mission – To carry out highly beneficial research in selected disciplines by using various expertise, resources and collaborative networking to produce scholarly product through systematic work.

To preserve, increase and disseminate the true understanding of Islam to the society through the organizing of programmes, broadcasting and publication of varieties of scholarly result by taking advantage of the expertise, effective resource management and strategic collaborative networking.

To provide quality and effective advice and consultation to stakeholders through the optimum mobilization of expertise, system, networking and resource.

2. Q: Is IKIM a government organisation?
A: Yes, IKIM was established under the Companies Act 1965 and is an agency under the Prime Minister’s Department.

3. Q: How many Research Centres are there and what is the scope/research field at IKIM?
A: There are 3 Research Centres at IKIM:

  1. Centre for the Study of Shari’ah, Law and Politics (SYARAK)
    Scope/Research Field:
    –  Shari’ah and Law
    –  Worldview of Islam
    –  Maqasid Al-Shari’ah
    –  Relation between Religious Adherents
    –  Politics and International Relation
    –  Islamic Education
    –  Usul Fiqh and Kefatwaan
  2. Centre for Economics and Social Studies (EMAS)
    Scope/Research Field:
    – Philosophy of Religion and Ethics
    – Family & Women
    – Mental Health and Islamic Psychotheraphy
    – Financial Planning
    – Philosophy of Development
    – Islamic Economy
  3. Centre for Science and Environment Studies (KIAS)
    Scope/Research Field:
    – The Relationship of Science and Religion
    – Scientific Thought
    – Science Education
    – Nutrition
    – Environment
    – History and Philosophy of Science & Technology
    – Fiqh and Medical Ethics

4. Q: How to get information and participate in programmes organised by IKIM?
A: Any information related to the programmes organized by IKIM will be on IKIM website and also aired on Radio IKIM. For inquiries or participation for programmes organized by IKIM, contact IKIM Programme & Training Unit at + 60 (3) 6204 6200 (G) ext .: 6325/6322/6326/6323/6321/6324 or email : program @ ikim

5. Q: Does IKIM receive visits from visitors?
A: Yes, IKIM receives visits from visitors according to the procedure and approval from IKIM Management. However, during the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO), IKIM has postponed all visits except courtesy call and work visits (not more than 10 people).

6. Q:
Is IKIM library open to the public?
A: Yes, IKIM Library is open to the public and need to register as IKIM Library Member. For enquiries regarding IKIM Library Services contact + 60(3) 62046200 (G) ext: 6335/6336 or email: [email protected]

7. Q: How can Radio IKIM broadcast be followed online?
A: Radio IKIM broadcast can be accessed online at

8. Q: How to access Live/Recording of Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia InternetTV (tvIKIM)?
A: Live Broadcast/ Recording of Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia InternetTV (tvIKIM) can be accessed online at

9. Q: How to get consultation services and expertise of IKIM academics?
A: Any need to obtain consultation services and IKIM expertise, the selection of expertise can be made by reviewing Expertise Services of Academic Officers and sending an official invitation letter to the Director-General of IKIM via [email protected]

10. Q: How to make an announcement on radio IKIM?
A: For announcements of organisation activities, mosques or non-profit public activity, announcements can be made online at

11. Q
: How to make an announcement through an interview on Radio IKIM konti?
A: For free interview broadcast slots on Radio IKIM, applications can be made by sending an application letter to the Director-General of IKIM via [email protected]. For paid slots, you can contact the Economics and Marketing Division at + 60 (3) 6204 6200 (G) ext: 6381/6384/6386 or email to: [email protected]

12. Q: What is the payment rate for advertisements on Radio IKIM?
A: The advertisement rate charged depends on the type of advertisement and the time chosen by the customer. For any information related to advertising, you can contact the Economics and Marketing Division at + 60 (3) 6204 6200 (G) ext : 6381/6384/6386 or email to: [email protected]

13. Q: How to get books published by IKIM?
A:To get IKIM books and products, surf IKIM Niaga Online Store at or contact + 60(3) 6204 6200 (G) ext.: 6381 / 6384/ 6388 or email to: [email protected]